Please weigh in on the Stone Wharf


 Discussions on what to do about the Stone Wharf have been going on for decades. Now, we have the good news that the wharf is stable, and with some reinforcing, can be safely built up and out to last for another 100 years. We are asking all islanders to provide their opinion to help sort out the best plan.
Why now? The wharf has many conflicting uses that make it unsafe for pedestrians and all other users. Any fix will be expensive. More good news: grants will soon be available through the recent U.S. infrastructure legislation that may help offset costs to local taxpayers.
What we know. There is general agreement on the kinds of activities that the wharf must support: safe access for pedestrians and recreational boaters, safe and convenient working conditions for fishermen, access for the ferry and its passengers, improvements to the barge ramp, and a better parking situation.
What we want to do. We want to gather everyone’s final thoughts and ideas on how to accommodate all these uses on an improved wharf that is also designed for sea level rise concerns. 




  1. Take the survey and/or draw your ideas by April 1, 2022. Wright-Pierce will sort through the ideas and vet them for engineering feasibility. The survey is designed to help us understand how you use the Wharf, and to hear ideas on how to balance all the ways everyone uses the Wharf. If you want to draw your suggestions, an outline of the Wharf is available here (View #1, View #2) or at the Town office.
  1. Attend one or all of the Meetings below. There will be four Meetings, all of which will start at 6 pm at the Chebeague Island Hall. Each meeting will focus on a particular aspect or aspects of the wharf use.

MEETING 1: April 7 at 6 pm – Safety and Accessibility: Pedestrian & Vehicles

  • Overview of standards (ADA and OSHA standards)
  • Design parameters: Separation of pedestrians and vehicles, fall protection (railings, curbs, ladders, and ramps), surfaces and grades
  •  Meeting 1 Notes and Meeting Recording

MEETING 2: April 14 at 6 pm – Boating Access

  • Stone Wharf Boat Users: CTC, skiffs, recreational, transients
  • Barge Ramp Operations: Islander access & commercial activity
MEETING 3: May 5, 2022 at 6 pm – Fishing Operations
  • Seasonal activities, logistical constraints, tidal access, location for on-pier use areas, landing areas, working height of the Stone Wharf
MEETING 4: May 12, 2022 at 6 pm – Parking & Traffic Flow
  • Accessible parking, daily commuter traffic (CTC / private), Stone Wharf general access, commercial access (ramp, businesses, town vehicles, fishing), recreational access (golf course)
  1. Participate in the straw vote. Each meeting will include a paper “straw vote” to identify the most popular solution. A straw vote is not legally binding but is an accurate way to gauge public opinion.


  1. Attend Follow-up Meeting: June 29 222 at the Hall at 6PM. Please join your fellow islanders to see the proposals that have been developed for the Stone Wharf based on your input at four previous meetings in April and May. Wright-Pierce will present a concept for an upgraded pier based on ideas heard at these meetings. A significant number of volunteers have spent many hours providing input - please attend if possible to see where we are in this process.

Wright-Pierce Sone Wharf Concept Plan

Notes from June 29 Meeting and Meeting Recording 



Final Concept Plans were presented of the Stone Wharf  Wednesday, August 24th 6PM @ the Hall. 
Please click HERE to look at the final designs or click HERE to watch the YouTube recoding of the meeting. 


Information below are additional links and documents of work related around the Stone Wharf