Shellfish Conservation

Genaro Balzano, Shellfish Warden
cell:     207-233-1495
office:  207-846-3148

The Shellfish Warden oversees the harvesting of shellfish within the coastal waters of the Town of Chebeague Island.  The Shellfish Warden issues clamming permits, both residential and commercial, enforces the rules and regulations set forth by the State of Maine Dept. of Marine Resources, and insures that shellfish are harvested in a safe manner. 

Recreational Shellfish Licenses:

In an effort to promote conservation changes have been made, to the cost and quantity of licenses available. Permits go on sale in January at the Town Office.



Class  Subclass Number available Cost
Commercial Resident 5 $75.00
Commercial Senior Resident 3 $50.00
Recreational Resident 35 $35.00
Recreational Nonresident 4 $70.00
Recreational Senior Resident 70 $10.00
Recreational Senior Nonresident 7 $20.00
Recreational Monthly Resident 3 $25.00
Recreational Monthly Nonresident 7 $50.00
Recreational Residence / Nonresident Daily 3 $15.00