Law Enforcement

Law and Order
The Town of Chebeague Island has contracted with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office (CCSO)  to provide law enforcement services.  From Memorial Day thru Labor Day, the Town of Chebeague Island provides a residence for a Cumberland County Deputy Sheriff, and family so that, during the 'summer season,' we can have the security of a full-time officer on island. 

In Case of EMERGENCY ...
               dial 9 1 1

Non-emergency issues
The Town and the CCSO urge residents to report any and all non-emergency issues -- even the small ones -- to the Cumberland County Sheriff at:


     or 207-774-1444
     or 800-266-1444

By mail, you may direct correspondence to any of these departments:
     LEC, Sheriff, Patrol, Detectives, Civil, Police Records at ...

     36 County Way
     Portland ME  04102

To learn more about the CCSO, please visit their website: