Stone Wharf Tie Up


207-846-3148 (office)
207-233-1495 (cell)

The Harbormaster is responsible for enforcing the Coastal Waters Ordinance as well as Federal and State Boating Laws.
In addition, the harbormaster manages moorings, tie-ups, wharves and floats as well as providing assistance as needed.
  Please submit Harbormaster / Shellfish related inquiries to Genaro. Shellfish licenses are able to be purchased at the town office during regular business hours. Refer to the Shellfish Ordinance for additional information. 
Take enough lifejackets for each person, plus one throwable cushion or life ring. 
This is State Law.
If you are visiting the island, please know where you can and cannot tie up at Stone Wharf and Chandlers Dock. At Stone Wharf, please notice the red box where you can place the money for tie-up fee. Please be respectful and do not leave unattended boats in the 15 minute or commercial tie up spots. 
Mooring Rates Effective April 19, 2023
Commercial: $50.00
Resident: $50.00
Non-Resident Taxpayer: $50.00
Non-Resident Commercial: $200.00
Non-Resident: $250.00