FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps Effective June 20, 2024

The documents below relate to the NEW Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) issued by FEMA for the Town of Chebeague Island. These maps will take effect June 20, 2024.

More information is available on the FEMA Website.


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FEMA Flood Insurance

FEMA Flood Insurance Advocate



To find the correct map, start by viewing the Map Panel Index:

Map Panel Index (fema.gov)


When looking at one of the individual maps below, you have an option to "Create a Firmette". This allows you to zoom in on a particular location within the map and print, if you'd like. Click and follow the directions.


[23005C0544F] (fema.gov) Cousins & Littlejohn Islands

[23005C0563F] (fema.gov) Stone Pier to East End

[23005C0564F] (fema.gov) Upper Green Islands

[23005C0706F] (fema.gov) Sturdivant Island & Basket Island

[23005C0707F] (fema.gov) Division Pt to Indian Pt Rd/the Hook

[23005C0709F] (fema.gov) Little Chebeague Isl - Casco Bay Landing Rd

[23005C0726F] (fema.gov) Middle & South Side of Chebeague and Crow Island

[23005C0727F] (fema.gov) Stockman & Bangs Islands

[23005C0728F] (fema.gov) Hope, Sand & Rogues Islands

[23005C0729F] (fema.gov) Bates, Stave, Ministerial, Jewell, Little Jewell Islands

[23005C0736F] (fema.gov) Jewell Isl (southern side), Inner Green Island