These maps are intended for planning purposes only, and may not adequately represent areas at a small scale. For example, the soils map may not accurately represent the soil present on a single parcel, or that there are not other types of soil are present, but that in general, the areas where particular types of soils are found.The data come from several sources. Many maps contain data from the Maine office of GIS, which is usually created for the entire state. Some was created for the Town of Cumberland by Spatial Alternatives, Yarmouth ME. Other data has been digitized from paper maps owned by the town, or created from data or information provided by residents. For detailed explanations of them please see the accompanying resource inventories. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the town office at 846-3148.
Natural Resource Maps

coastal bluffs

Coastal Bluffs and areas of previous landslides









surface water

Surface water and Topography




Marine Resources

Marine High Value Habitat




Critical Natural Resources

Critical Natural Resources




Soils Survey

Soils Survey









Soils suitalbe for forestry

Soils Suitable for Forestry





Eelgrass Cover




Steep Slopes

Steep Slopes






Infrastructure and Economy



Economic Landuse




regional transportation

Regional Transportation Map






Preservation maps


Coastal Access

Coastal Access Preserved since 1980




Land Trust Property

Chebeague and Cumberland Land Trust Property and Descriptions




Protected Land

Land under some degree of protection from Development