Ad Hoc Finance Committee

The purpose of the Ad Hoc Finance Committee is
  1.  To make recommendations on the format of a permanent TOCI Finance Committee to the SB,
  2.  To collect and analyze financial data necessary for responsible long-term financial and capital planning in the Town,
  3. In conjunction with SB, to communicate these findings and recommendations to the community.
The Ad Hoc Committee is intended to be a short-term committee, appointed for the remainder of FY24 and is expected to be replaced with a permanent Finance Committee.
The primary tasks of the Ad Hoc Finance Committee are:
  1. Developing a historical overview of the TOCI finances from 2008 to present.
  2.  Compiling data necessary for the development of a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
  3.  Development of a draft CIP plan (if time permits)
  4.  Provide a recommendation on the purpose, size, membership criteria and format of a TOCI Finance Committee.
  5.  In conjunction with SB, communicate these findings to the residents (or community) of the Town of Chebeague Island






Herb Maine

June 2023

William McKenzie

June 2023

Courtney Wilson

June 2023