Ad Hoc Climate Action Team

In September 2022, the Town of Chebeague Island adopted a resolution to join Maine’s Community Resilience Partnership.  As a member of Climate Resiliency Partnership, Chebeague is committed to engaging the community in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to increase resiliency to extreme weather and climate change impacts.  As part of that resolution the town agreed to form an ad hoc Climate Action Team (CAT) to support these efforts. 




 Tracy Calder
 Bill Danielson
 Julia Maine
 Eva Neumann
 Aldric Terral 

 Carol White

 Ex  Officio


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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
February 27, 2024 Agenda  
 January 11, 2024 Agenda  
 December 13, 2023  Agenda  
 October 11, 2023  Agenda  
 July 27, 2023  Agenda  
 July 12, 2023  Agenda  
 June 15, 2023  Agenda  
 June 01, 2023  Agenda  
 May 11, 2023  Agenda  
 April 25, 2023  Agenda  
 March 23, 2023  Agenda  
 February 16, 2023  Agenda  
 January 26, 2023  Agenda