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Cemetery Superintendent:  Ann Thaxter | 846-3274 | ann3boys@chebeague.net

The Chebeague Cemetery

The Chebeague Cemetery is the only active cemetery on the island.  It is owned and operated by the Town, though it is located next to the Chebeague United Methodist Church.  It is one of the records of Chebeague’ s history.  Since at least the early 20th century, the cemetery has served both year-round and summer families.  In many families, earlier generations were year-round residents and in later ones have become summer people, or vice versa, so the distinction now has less relevance.  In addition there are a group of plots owned by people from Long Island, though it now has a cemetery of its own.

The cemetery has grown over the years.  The initial parcel was extended to the east and south in the late 19th century.  Since that time it has been extended to the west in two sections.  The most recent addition was designed in 1990 by Frank Cofran, a summer resident.  The spaces for sale now are in this newest section.

Cemetery day to day operations and maintenance rests with the Superintendent Ann Thaxter.  The Town Clerk handles financial matters.   There is also a Cemetery Committee made up of seven Chebeague volunteers.  They advise the Board of Selectmen on Cemetery policy, budget and administration.

Money for the running of the Cemetery comes from: the Town, fees from burials, and from the interest from the 30 percent share of money from the sale of burial sites that is put in the Cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund, and 70 percent from the sale of plots that is in a cemetery capital fund.


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Cemetery Committee Members 
Name Email Address Term Expires
Charles Hall hallcharles930@gmail.com 2025
John Holt III jwholtiii@chebeague.net 2024
Denise Hamilton dhamilton12@gmail.com 2024
Daniel Lilley dlilleyvet@gmail.com 2025
Allyson Smith chballyson@aol.com





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The Cemetery Committee meets as needed.  Please check the town calendar on the home page for upcoming meetings.