Animal Control Officer

Steve Auffant is our Animal Control Officer! 

The Animal Control Officer enforces both State laws and Town ordinances with regards to animal matters. Common animal issues are: lost dogs or cats, dogs running at large, animal welfare checks, and dog bites. While the Animal Control Officer will assist residents with lost, sick, or injured animals please note that the Animal Control Officer has a limited role with wild animals. The primary concern with wildlife is rabies protection. Additional responsibilities include ensuring all dogs are licensed and all dogs and cats are current on their rabies vaccine and educating the public on how to safely interact with animals.


Stranded Marine Mammals

Warning: Seals and seal pups rest on shore – Do Not Disturb Them, Do Not Touch Them – It’s the law!

Use the 24/7 Maine Marine Mammal Reporting Hotline, 1-800-532-9551, and be prepared to provide the hotline dispatcher with detailed information as to where the seal is located, approximate size of the animal, and any obvious signs of illness or injury. For additional information click link:


Dog Licenses

Dog licensing ensures rabies vaccination which protects the health of your pet. Most people do not realize that dog license fees account for 95% of the State Animal Welfare Program's entire funding and without these fees the State would be unable to protect the animals of this state. All dogs need to be licensed upon reaching the age of 6 months in the town where it resides or after the dog has been with the family for 10 days, if adopted. All dogs 6 months and older must have a license. If you become the owner of a dog 6 months or older, the dog must be licensed by January of each year. All dog licenses expire December 31 of each year.


Obtaining a Dog License

In order to obtain a license for your dog, the owner must present to the Town Office a current State of Maine Rabies Certificate obtained from a veterinarian (if a valid certificate is not already on file). You will also need to bring proof, in writing, if a veterinarian has stated the dog is incapable of producing young by spaying or neutering. 



$6 per year for a spayed/neutered dog or $11 per year if not spayed/neutered.


Per State Law there will be a late fee of $25 if you re-license your dog after January 31st. If you fail to license your dog it is considered a civil violation where you may be subject to a court summons and a fine of up to $100.


Additional Information

If you no longer own your dog, please let the Town Office know and we will update our records.